a consise history of my life

2012: Organised a work related conference in Austin, Texas in March which resulted in a falling out with a friend of many years. Struggled with work most of the year but came out okay in the end. Dabbled in old school hifi to return to more modern compact JBL speakers. Current succulent and cacti collection stands at 100 pots.
2011: Moved into a bigger apartment in anticipation of large family size (same street, same suburb). Traveled to San Francisco for work with Kitty & Junior Pixels. Little bear was born late in the year, and shortly after his birth, whilst still on leave, I dislocated my patella (knee cap) resulting in knee surgery and the sudden realization I would die. Became a teetotaler.
2010: Took junior pixels for a holiday in Malaysia when he was six months old. Changed jobs after 3 years in previous position. Bought first Apple Mac in 6 years.
2009: Visited Austin, Texas for a conference (first visit to the USA) in January. In April, we spent 3 weeks in the USA visiting NYC, Vegas, SF and LA. My grandma died in September and soon after junior pixels entered the world and completely changed our life.
2008: Traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and KL with Kitty.
2007:  Adjusted to living in Brisbane.Started my collection of succulents and cacti. Accepted my first permanent job in Brisbane.
2006: Moved to Brisbane from Canberra as sick of the cold and prefer to be closer to home. Started working as a contractor. Married Kitty after nearly 10 years of dating.
2005: Sold the Apple Mac due to reliability issues.
2004: Holidayed in Bangkok and Kho Samet.
2003: Moved to Canberra from the Gold Coast to start graduate jobs. Bought an Apple Mac before they were cool.
2002: Finished IT degree with excellent grades.
2001: Drank way too much alcohol, but got increasingly good grades. Got my first tattoo (an @ on my right hand wrist).
2000: Started IT degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast much to the delight of my parents. Met a good group of study friends.
1999: Much to the dismay of parents, took a year off study to work in Cafes on the Gold Coast then spent three months in the UK and Thailand backpacking with Kitty.
1998: Finished high school on the Gold Coast
1997: Shot up in height, and started dating Kitty and eventually fell in love with her.
1994-1996: Struggled at a new private high school as the poor, fat kid with acne.
1992-1993: Family moved from Taree, NSW to the Gold Coast in Queensland due to traumatic shit, lack of options for us in Taree, and my Dad being offered a voluntary redundancy by the NSW Government. Skipped a grade when starting at a new public school, which I quite enjoyed.
1983-1992: Grew up in Taree, NSW with my family. Met my first ‘best friend’ when I was two (who I still speak to today). Went to a public primary school. Had some traumatic shit happen which took years to forget.
1982: Moved from Grafton to Taree, NSW for my Dad’s work.
1981: Born in Grafton, NSW, the city of Jacarandas. Lived in a housing commission house with my parents and three older brothers.